The theft of dogs

Dog theft is a phenomenon always on the rise. Here in the UK, I’m seeing missing dog posts on Facebook everyday. Most people believe it’s confined to a bad neighbourhood but it’s not. It can happen anywhere and almost to anyone. There are a few dogs that are the perfect target for dog theft and … Continue reading The theft of dogs


A dog's body temperature should normally be between 101-102.5 °F (38.3-39.2 °C) and a raise of just 4 degrees can be fatal. Dogs can't sweat like humans do. To regulate their body temperature they can only really rely on panting. They do have sweat glands that are situated on their nose and paw pads, but … Continue reading TOO HOT TODAY!

The Truth about the Domestication of Dogs

The dog is one of the most extraordinary animal on our planet because it has been able to adapt to the human presence, making its way, not only into our houses and on our sofas, but also into our hearts. As a result of the human civilisation expansion there has been a considerable population reduction … Continue reading The Truth about the Domestication of Dogs